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Right of Way Management

Trees + Powerlines = Outages

WCEC understands the vital roles that trees play in our environment, and adds to the landscaping of Texas.  In order to reduce outages and prevent major destruction of power lines, trees must be trimmed out of and away from power lines and maintained.  WCEC has a ROW maintenance program that trims the trees to keep them away from your power lines to prevent loss of power not only to your home but your neighbors.  There are various methods WCEC utilizes to prevent trees from entering the power lines at your residence or business.  At times contractors are used to assist WCEC in keeping up with the tree growth in the WCEC service area.  Our ROW notice can be found here:  WCEC ROW NOTICE TO MEMBERS

How do you trim the trees?

WCEC routinely trims trees from bucket trucks with chain saws, extension saws and pruning shears to remove them from or being near power lines.  This prevents blinks or prolonged outages.

Are chemicals used?

WCEC uses various herbicides to either rid the trees, or prevent them and under brush from re-growth.  A stump spray method is often used to prevent the trees from re-occuring in the power lines.

Who cleans up the debris?

WCEC personnel or contractors will handle the removal and chipping of the debris unless the landowner gives permission to let it remain at the site.

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