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Right of Way Notice


In 2004, WCEC will begin treating power line right-of-ways along county and state right-of-ways and interior cooperative easements in an attempt to control vegetation within 10’ horizontally from co-op power lines.

The cooperative will apply Garlon 4 herbicide, which is applied directly to the tree trunk. This chemical has been selected due to the minimal drift or translocation in the soil.

Garlon 4 Material Safety Data Sheet

The chemical will be applied by an employee who is a licensed applicator. A copy of the MSDS sheet is available at the cooperative for review by members and landowners.

Member cooperation is requested in order to keep trees out of power lines which cause damage during wind and ice storms, wastes electricity, and pose a safety hazard to employees and members. If you are aware of a tree in, near or overhanging a power line, please report it to our office at 979-543-6271 or 1-800-460-6271 FREE long distance.

Please contact WCEC Line Superintendent Andy Orrell or Manager of Engineering & Operations, Wesley Lange if you have questions or comments

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