WCEC Board of Directors


Article III, Section 1 of the Wharton County Electric Cooperative Bylaws states, “The business affairs of the Cooperative shall be managed by a board of nine (9) directors, which shall exercise all of the powers of the Cooperative except such as are by law or by the Articles of Incorporation of the Cooperative or by these bylaws conferred upon or reserved to the members.” 

The board’s job is to develop policies and goals and to see that these goals are carried out by management. Board members devote an average of four hours a week to WCEC's members. This includes not only the monthly board meeting but also reviewing and preparing for meetings, attending training and talking to members.

Board members are elected at WCEC's Annual Meeting of Members. Directors serve three-year terms with three seats up for election each year. Directors may serve up to twelve consecutive years or four three-year terms. 

The 2024 Board of Directors are: 

District 1 - Tracy Floyd

District 2 - Patrick Kubala - Asst. Secretary/Treasurer

District 3 - Gary Charbula

District 4 - Matt Lutringer

District 5 - Samuel Craig Hardin

District 6 - Gus Wessels Jr. - Secretary/Treasurer

District 7 - John Roach - President

District 8 - Jim W. Harton - Vice President

District 9 - George "Buddy" Dornak Jr.


To be eligible to serve on the board, you must be a member in good standing; reside in the district you represent; not be in a business primarily engaged in selling electrical or plumbing fixtures/supplies to the members of the cooperative; and not be related to a WCEC employee or director.

When a membership is held jointly, either the husband or wife is eligible to be a director as long as both meet the qualification requirements.

Prospective board members need not have a background in co-ops or even in business—but an open mind, common sense and a willingness to
listen to alternate viewpoints is essential. The most important qualification a board member can have is to care and want what is best for all concerned. 

In late March, a nominating committee will meet to select a slate of candidates for three seats on the WCEC board. Elections are held at the Annual Meeting of Members. District nominations take place on a three-year rotation - Districts 1,4,7, Districts 2,5,8 and Districts 3,6,9. If you are unsure of your district, download the district map here

If you are interested in running for the board, please contact Brenda Rodriguez at 979-543-6271.