WCEC is a member-owned electric cooperative. Unlike investor-owned electric companies, our members own the cooperative. WCEC is a not-for-profit organization that strives to keep rates affordable while maintaining safe and reliable electric services for its members. What this also means is that when WCEC accumulates funds in excess of what it needs to run the business, the excess funds (patronage capital) are returned to the members at regular intervals approved by the Board of Directors. The cooperative model is a unique one and focuses, more than other business models, on creating real value for its member-owners and delivering the best service possible.

When a member wants to connect an electrical service to WCEC's electrical distribution system where no connection currently exists, WCEC must add equipment to its electric system. This situation arises when a member is, for example, building a new house or a business is adding on to their facility. When this happens, WCEC asks the member to contribute financially to adding the additional equipment needed to make this new connection. The request for the member to contribute to the expansion of the electrical system is called a ‘contribution to construction.’ Part of the cooperative business model is that members contribute equitably to the capital of their cooperative. WCEC requests a contribution to construction when a member asks for a change to the electrical system that primarily benefits them and does not specifically benefit other members. Seen from the other members’ vantage point, it would not be fair to spread these costs among all members when the benefit accrues to only one member.

Before You Get Started

For all new service construction, a consultation is required with our Engineering Department. To schedule a consultation, call our office at 979-543-6271 and ask for the Engineering Department.

Make the most of your consultation by having the following information available:

  • 9-1-1 Address of the new location

  • Verification of ownership of property and any applicable easements

  • The exact location of the meter at the location

  • Voltage and amp requirements

  • Details of utilities, major appliances, and/or motors to be installed at the location.

PLEASE NOTE: Due to supply chain issues, please notify WCEC at least 6-8 months in advance for any large new construction projects. 

New Construction Resources

Meter Loop Specifications & Clearances

Member Responsibilities


If you are in the market for land to build on in our service territory, you may want to contact us before you buy.

Land without electric utilities may require WCEC to build additional power lines to connect to our grid. As a landowner, you will need to make a contribution to the cooperative to the cost of the construction. The contribution of individual landowners helps to maintain the lowest possible price for electricity for all of our members.  

Our Engineering Department would be happy to meet with you prior to your buying property. We can help you estimate the cost of construction to bring power lines to your new location.