Power Outages are a threat to many people on critical care or life support and can occur unexpectedly.  Therefore, the possibility exists that some members could be without power for an extended period.  When an extended outage occurs, members should be prepared.  

Texas law provides that certain members may be eligible for designation as Critical Care.  Please be aware that this designation does not guarantee an uninterrupted, regular, or continuous power supply from your power line delivery company.  Therefore, if electricity is a necessity, you must make other arrangements for on-site back-up capabilities or other alternatives in the event of loss of electrical service. 

This designation helps us prepare members for any foreseeable outages as well as warnings for possible incidents. i.e. hurricanes. 

To apply for Critical Account Membership, download the application and return it to our office at 1815 E. Jackson, El Campo.

Download the Critical Account Application