WCEC has designed our bill with you in mind, considering your needs and making it easier to read, with all the details you need right at your fingertips! Your WCEC bill offers an easy-to-read layout and valuable information about your energy consumption.

WCEC Electric Bill Sample


The most important information is right up front – the total amount due and the due date.


Review this section each month for special notices from WCEC. Notices can also be found on the back of the bill.


Your account number and billing summary show details for this month’s bill and any account activity since last month’s bill.


This section provides the meter number, rate, reading, and usage information for each service location on your account. This data is used to calculate your energy consumption in kilo-watt hours for the month. A kilowatt-hour, otherwise known as a kWh, is a way to measure energy consumption. A kWh is the equivalent of using 1,000 watts (kW) of power for one hour. For instance, a 100-watt bulb would take 10 hours to use one kWh of energy. However, a 2,000-watt appliance would take half an hour. This section will also show if a meter multiplier is used at a location. A meter multiplier is a method of measuring energy use in situations where the electricity demand exceeds a normal meter’s measuring capacity. Very large homes or commercial/industrial facilities will have multipliers higher than 1.0.


New usage graphs will show your monthly usage along with monthly high and low temperatures as well as usage comparisons with the previous month and the same month from last year. Want even more information? Log in to your account online or download the SmartHub app.


Your billing activity appears here. Energy charges are detailed so you can quickly see itemized charges. Although some WCEC service locations are unique and may have different billing calculations, here are the most often used terms and definitions in this section:

STEC PURCHASED POWER: Charges reflecting South Texas Electric Cooperative’s cost to maintain generation and transmission services and deliver reliable power from generation sources to WCEC’s distribution system.

PCRF ADJUSTMENT: The Power Cost Recovery Factor adjustment is shown as a charge or credit each month as a reflection of the fluctuating costs of fuel used for the generation of power. These costs are incurred by STEC when power is generated and passed through to WCEC and its members through the PCRF.

COST OF SERVICE CHARGE: Monthly charge reflecting fixed costs of providing electrical service or the availability of service which are not affected by the amount of electricity used.

WCEC DISTRIBUTION COST: Charges reflecting WCEC’s cost to maintain the local distribution system and deliver reliable power to WCEC members. Includes distribution minimum, distribution charge, and demand where applicable.

DEMAND: Some services are billed based on maximum demand, which is the highest usage recorded during any 15-minute period within the billing cycle.


Return this stub with your mailed payment. On the reverse side of the bill, you will find an explanation of the terms used on your electric bill, payment options, and other important information from WCEC.

On the reverse side of the bill, you will find an explanation of the terms used on your electric bill, payment options, and other important information from WCEC.  

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