Danger Sign


Accidentally contacting electricity or a power line can be dangerous and in some cases, even deadly. WCEC wants to help our members stay safe around electricity and power lines.

Contact with electricity can:

- Paralyze your muscles
- Burn you badly
- Stop your breathing
- Stop your heart
- Kill you


Whether you are playing outdoors with your children or working on landscaping projects, keep a safe distance from the power lines, pad mount transformers and other equipment used to get power to your home.


If a power line falls on your car or equipment you are operating, the safest option is to remain in the vehicle. You should consider the power line live and dangerous. Call 911 immediately. If necessary, warn other people to stay away. No one should come near the vehicle or the power line until your local utility or emergency services has arrived and made sure the situation is safe. 

The only circumstance in which you should consider leaving the vehicle is if it catches on fire. If you need to escape the vehicle, keep both feet together and jump as far from the car as possible. Then, still keeping both feet together, hop at least 40 feet away from the car. 

Do not try to help someone else from the car while you are standing on the ground.

If you witness someone come in contact with a power line, STAY AWAY. Your first instinct to run and help can be DEADLY! Call 911 immediately.