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Another Successful Year at WCEC

Hello! It is once again time for our Annual Meeting of Members! I hope this finds everyone doing well. Our prayers go out to the ones that are having health problems and for a fast recovery.

Through it all Wharton County Electric Cooperative has always kept our priority on providing our members with reliable and economical electricity while maintaining superior service. WCEC focuses on strategic planning with the board and employees seeking new ways to provide better service and plan for the future. These sessions are reviewed throughout the year to make sure that we are keeping up with the plan to provide the best service and the best price for our electricity.

I am pleased to say that due to the dedicated professionalism and knowledge of your Home Team at WCEC, the cooperative is financially sound and is doing well. I feel that any challenges have been met with success, and we have been able to adjust to changing times.

You can see how the Texas grid is changing right here in our service territory. We have seen an increase in solar farms and now wind turbines. Just look southeast of El Campo, the wind farm has been completed. But as you know, if there is no sun or wind, these intermittent generation sources will not be able to produce energy. That is why we need to fight for more reliable power sources such as natural gas, coal, and nuclear power.

Changing times and new power sources are here now and coming forth in the future, this may be how Texas manages the situation. You can count on the board and the employees of WCEC to work together to do all we can to represent our members’ best interests.

I would personally like to thank my fellow board members and the employees of WCEC for a successful year and their dedication to moving the co-op into the future.

I look forward to seeing everyone at the Annual Meeting of Members.